Borderline Personality Disorder

Treatment Of Borderline Personality Disorder

borderline personality disorder menBorderline personality disorder is a disease that has its root in the early interactions the person had as a child. The person finds it difficult to reconcile themselves to how they perceive themselves. This affects the way they behave around other people and therefore, it has a great effect on the interactions the person has with people around him or her. The disease may manifest differently in men and women and therefore the treatment of the disorder may differ from one person to another. Any person with this disorder has very unstable relationships with people of either gender.

The behavior exhibited by people with such a disorder usually borders the extreme positive or negative and the fluctuations between the two extreme points may happen in a rapid manner and in other cases, it may be quite slow. People with the disorder have the tendency to harm themselves, feel empty and lonely and are usually emotionally unstable. This may lead to drug and substance abuse of the disorder is not treated early enough.

Meehl Foundation dbt residential treatment is a great example of therapy that can help in the fight against this emotionally draining condition. Borderline personality disorder residential treatment usually makes use of dialectical behavioral therapy and is geared towards management of the symptoms of the disorder. This therapy aims at regulating the emotions of the individual, developing tolerance for distressful situations, promoting interpersonal effectiveness and practicing core mindfulness as a way of managing the symptoms. These are referred to as the core skills of dialectical behavioral therapy and they help the individual in question to lead a better life.

The Meehl foundation usually carries on therapy sessions for a period of 90 days and the therapy is personalized since the disease usually differs from person to person. The center is geared towards enhancing mental health and wellness so that an individual can lead a better life. Therefore, the center only takes in a few clients at a time- usually five- to ensure the person gets all the care and attention they can get. Borderline personality disorder men require special attention especially given the nature of men. They tend to keep their feelings to themselves and they are not as open as women when they talk about their true feelings.

During the course of the treatment, the men should feel at ease and trust the caregivers to the extent that they release these harmful emotions that they usually keep unto themselves. Besides this, the treatment should help them embrace who they are, how they relate with other people and accept what they went through so that they may start the journey towards a better life. Therefore an integrated approach that touches on several if not all aspects of life should be used. Therefore residential treatment is better for patients with this disorder.